What is organic food

Organic products are produced from organic farming, which follows strict rules legally defined by the European Union. Organic foods are ecologically cultivated, can not be genetically modified and are not treated with pesticides or fertilizers. Organic farming comply with the natural cycles of the seasons and cultures alternate periodically. And the animals are humanely raised, giving them enough natural light, space and fresh air. They feed on organic food and the use of hormones and antibiotics is prohibited.

Organic foods are processed appropriately and therefore contain more nutrients. They do not contain dangerous additives (such as artificial sweeteners and coloring agents) or their contents is minimized. Thanks to the organic production of the products they can develop a natural rhythm, without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and harvest only be collected after ripening crop. This preserves valuable nutritional qualities of food and they have much better flavor than other products in the stores. Furthermore, organic agriculture contributes to environmental protection. Cultivation of organic products preserves the quality of soil and groundwater, produces less carbon dioxide and contributes to the biodiversity of nature.