Terms of use and Terms of service

Terms of service

By using this website site www.anagambio.eu and registering yourselves at this site, you explicitly declare that you clearly understand and expressly agree to abide by the terms of service and confirm that you shall use this website strictly in compliance with all the requirements of Bulgarian, European and international legislation on copyright protection.

General terms

All rights of contents (photos, pictures, illustrations, texts, products information and other data) and services available on this corporate website of Acira Consulting Limited are intellectual property owned by the company or used with the explicit consent of the copyrights owners. All information on this website provided by the company is up to date and access is available to all users, but the company is not responsible for its accuracy and authenticity.

Customers shall not copy, distribute, transmit, send as an attachment or sell the contents of this website and / or mislead third parties as to the true content provider. However, reproduction, republication, downloading, communication, broadcasting and distribution or other legitimate use of content for commercial or other purposes may be permitted with written consent from the company or title owner of rights of corresponding content.

Content and services available on this site are provided “AS IS, AS AVAILABLE” and without any warranty. Company is not responsible for any damages and for any damages caused by civil or criminal nature.

This site can be used only for legitimate purposes. Customers shall not take any actions that could lead to security lapses for services provided by the Company.

This site may contain links to sites or services of third parties and the company shall not responsible for the contents or services of those websites and for damages that may arise as a result of their use. The user visits these links/sites at its own risks and responsibility.

The company tries its best to ensure proper uninterrupted functioning of this site and that it may be free from malicious programs. The company does not guarantee that the server which hosts this website will operate without interruptions or other failures and will be free from malicious programs such as viruses, trojans or others.

The company reserves the right to add, alter, amend or delete any content or services on this site, as well as this document  “Terms of service” whenever it deems necessary and without prior notice, simply by announcing them through this website.

Pleasevisit this page “Terms of service” on regular basis for latest version of this document.

Online Shopping


The customer can shop the on this online store only after successful registration. The client ensures to provide valid data (identity and other info) while filling the registration form at www.anagam.eu and shall update any changes in any of the provided data within 7 days.

The company reserves the right to annul the registration immediately without prior notice, of any customer in case if the data provided are not valid or not updated in due time.
According to the General Terms and Conditions the person who effects payment for the ordered goods shall be deemed to be the buyer. The customer may designate any third party as the recipient of goods or mention different delivery address to receive goods.


By pressing the “Add” button, the customer explicitly confirms intention to buy the chosen product (s) and this action binds the customer as the buyer.

In case if incomplete, incorrect or wrong address or phone number is provided by the customer, it is considered that the purchase is not valid, and the company has no obligation for its execution. The order is processed only after checking the availability of the goods and after confirmation of payment, except if the customer choses to pay on delivery.
If necessary, before processing the order, an employee of the company shall contact the customer by phone or by e-mail, for any clarification to get order confirm from Customer.
Company reserves the right to reject orders and services in its sole discretion and shall notify the customer accordingly.

Prices of products and services

All prices on this website are in Bulgarian levs and Euro and include 20% VAT per piece and do not include delivery costs.
For special discounts for bulk quantities please contact us.
Payments in Bulgaria shall be effected only in Bulgarian lev.

Customers outside Bulgaria shall effect payment in Euro.
The company reserves the right to change prices without notice.
In case of any error in prices due to improper functioning of the website, the company reserves the right to modify the order value and inform the customer and the Customer has the right to confirm or cancel the order.


The goods ordered are delivered to the customer by Courier Company.
The delivery time depends on the delivery option selected by the Customer.


The customer is entitled to cancel the order if:
1. The delivered goods do not comply with the goods ordered by the customer or the goods have expired.
2. Goods or packaging is damaged during transport.
In this case, the customer shall sign protocol for damages in presence of the courier who delivers the order and ensure that the protocol is signed by the courier as well.
3. The prices do not match the prices listed in the order confirmation

The cost of shipping the goods back to the company are borne by the company for the above mentioned cancellations.

4. The customer is entitled to cancel your order within 7 working days of delivery of goods.
In this case, the customer informs the company and returns all the goods by paying the cost of transportation till the warehouse of the company, in original packing with original labels, without indication that the products are used or damaged or partially consumed in any way.
The company shall refund the amount paid by the Customer not later than five days from the date of receipt of goods by the Company’s warehouse.

Rights and obligations of the parties

The Company is obliged to execute the order in full and deliver the ordered goods in original packings with proper validity and its obliged to transfer ownership of the goods.

The Customer is obliged to take all possible measures to protect your username and password and do not provide these data to any third party. The customer is obliged to inform the company at the earliest, if a third party gets access to these data and attempts to use the data of registration of the client.
The customer must always press “exit”, each time leaving the site.
The customer may not place fictitious or invalid orders.
The customer is obliged to provide the exact data necessary to perform the contract (shipping address, email address and contact telephone number) and effect timely payment for goods ordered and the cost of delivery.

The client shall not to try to disrupt the proper functioning of the site and shall not to take actions that may lead to

blocking of this website


denial of service of the website


alteration of user data of other users of this online store which may restrict their right to use the online store.

If any Customer fails to comply with the above obligations, the company reserves the right to suspend access to Customer profile without notice and file legal suit to claim any lost earnings and compensate damages caused by  illegal actions of the Customer.